Ten Degrees Coffeehouse

Ten Degrees is a specialty coffeehouse located in Saudi Arabia, specializing in a variety of coffee products sourced from different countries including Ethiopia, Brazil, Kenya, and Ecuador. They offer a diverse selection of specialty coffee blends, along with cold brew options. In addition to their coffee offerings, they also provide a wide array of desserts and pastries to complement the coffee experience.

Specialty coffee refers to high-quality Arabica beans carefully sourced from specific regions or single-origin farms, meticulously roasted to extract unique flavors at their freshest. Ten Degrees is a leading destination for specialty coffee enthusiasts, offering a unique coffee experience through the use of carefully selected high-quality Arabica beans sourced from specific regions such as Ethiopia, Brazil, Kenya, and Ecuador. Ten Degrees roasts coffee with care to ensure the best extraction of its flavors and highlight its unique characteristics, providing a distinct and exceptional coffee experience for its customers.